Neue Landingpages


ChatsimulationNeue Landingpages mit unterschiedlichen Themen & Layouts.

Direkte Anmeldemöglichkeit über das angezeigte Formular.

Zu finden bei Beta-Amarotic Kampagnen unter "Landingpage" -> "Sexdating".

Chatsimulation überarbeitet


ChatsimulationDie beliebte Chatsimulation wurde für Beta-Amarotic technisch und optisch überarbeitet.

Das frische Design und zusätzliche Amateurbilder an der Seite sorgen für mehr Vor- und Klickfreude beim User.

Zu finden bei Beta-Amarotic Kampagnen unter "Pops & Pages" -> "Chat".

Bubbly new banners for the spring cleaning


Affaere finden Already started with your spring cleaning? Throw out the old banners and integrate some new ones?

We've just produced a fresh batch and are delivering the first new batch.

Would certainly create the mood for a bubbly affair through your traffic.

Search now for bubbly affairs »

Find affairs without looking!


Affaere findenWhat do most men want? A hot affair with a sexy woman!

With the new promotion material you should be able to provide something that targets the tastes of your audience

Just answer two questions and already you're at the registration, where the door is open to hot contacts for your users.

As a teaser a rotating selection of our most profitable amateurs will be displayed as a background image.

Find an affair now »

Improve conversion with niche banners


Improve conversion with niche banners In order for your banners to be better specifically implemented, we have changed the target page on some of the marketing material. The gif/jpg banners with a clearly recognizable theme will be directed to a video list with relevant keywords. You can recognize these banners easily because above it, it will display "Target: [Keyword". In the image you can see the example "Milf". If you have niche traffic, this will assist you in increasing your conversion, since users will be offered what they are looking for.

Try ad material now »

Establishing precise niche traffic


Landingpages with niche videos Due to multiple demands of our webmaster we've added another option to the landing pages. Now it's possible to create video lists about certain niches. You may choose between a multitude of keywords. This way you can achieve a significant increase in conversions with your custom-built traffic.

In case you're missing a particular niche please let us know so we can add it quickly - as long as relevant videos already exist on the platform of course.

Try new ad material now »

Update concerning the World Cup promotion:


Since the fans have been so mesmerized by the football magic by their home teams, we've decided to extend the promotion period.

During the eighth-finals the 250 coins top-up bonus will be vaild during all match dates, not just the ones featuring the German team.

Have fun and good luck with the World Cup 2014 :-)

500 Coins promotion for the World Cup 2014


Our eleven will soon be stepping into the green hell to battel for the soccer crown. As a famous philosopher has once said: "This shall not be an easy path!"

For this reason, let's not just sit around at home scratching our balls, but stand behind our team and provide them with our utmost support. Of course, you could just as well be standing behind our hot amateurs and provide them with "firm" support.

We don't want to be left out of all the fun. So during the german match at the world cup 2014, the users will receive 500 coins on every top-up.

So don't hesitate and start promoting.

Here's to a great and a successful world cup 2014.

250 Coins gifted on Men's Day
(Promotion ended)


Promotional Offer 250 Coins gifted

For your users, in honor of Father's/Men's Day, 250 coins will be gifted with every top-up. That should encourage purchases & increase your profits.

To advertise this, a banner will be displayed at the top of the start page, along with a internal newsletter & a external email notification.

This promotion is valid now and will continue the entire weekend.

Lead Rallye Gewinner stehen fest!


Die 20 Gewinner stehen fest und werden nun per Email benachrichtigt.
Vielen Dank an alle Webmaster für das Teilnehmen an der Lead Rallye.

Erotic memory


Erotic MemoryWe would like to present a completely new marketing material which is located under the menu "Pops & Pages". Basically, it's a well known and popular game - memory. With two additions however:

  • - Erotica
  • - A great prize
  • The user has to find and uncover pairs of matching images. As soon as all the images have been uncovered, a registration dialog will pop up. In this pop up, the user is notified that they will receive a voucher for 250 coins when registering. Additionally you can also implement the messenger marketing material. The combination of both become a formidable tool for conversions.

    View erotic memory »

    Many new banners


    In keeping with the new design, we have produced many colorful banners in a variety of sizes. Not only classic GIF/JPG banners but also a few video banners have been added.

    View banners now »

    Cashalizer's new look!


    Our new website has been online for a few days! Apart from the new look, expect to find new features and a better user expierence, which will help you find relevant information much faster.

    You can view the most important stats, campaigns and news about cashalizer directly after logging in.

    The management and creation of campaigns has also been reworked, so that you can work faster and more efficient.

    Top Marketing material


    Landingpages mit AnzeigenRight now while the Lead Rallye is active from 01.01.2014 - 31.03.2014 on Cashalizer, it's not the best time to be experimenting with different marketing materials, just to see which one will be most effective.

    After all, there is a total of 5.500€ in prizes to be won. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the two currently best marketing materials: FuckRoulette and Messenger

    Many of you should already be familiar with the messenger, but the fuckroulette has only been introduced recently and has already made a great impact. So start implementing the marketing material immediately, to have a chance at a lead position! Good luck!

    Try new ad material now »

    Lead rally on


    Attention all webmasters!
    Christmas is over and perhaps some of you are feeling a little light in the wallet. To give you a chance to fill it up again, we're starting a lead rally from the 1st of January 2014 until the 31st of March 2014 on our amateur platform

    Great prizes for the top 3 contestants, plus 20 more cash prizes

  • 1. Prize 2000 € cash
  • 2. Prize 1000 € cash
  • 3. Prize 500 € cash
  • In addition, there will be prize draw of 20 x 100 € cash for all participants.

    Entry conditions:
    In order to earn a place in the rally, you need to be registered as a webmaster on and achieve at least 100 registrations in the 3 months for the amateur platform Each registration will provide a single lot. You can also try to get new webmasters to For every webmaster that registers thanks to you, you will get 30 lots.
    The top 3 places will be calculated in April based on who produces the most registrations. Under consideration of collected lots, all other valid participants will have a chance for the prize draw of 20 x 100€ cash.

    Hurry and implement marketing material from and be present when 5500€ cash are being payed out!

    Winter-special for our amateurs!

    From the 15th Dezember 2013 until the 30th January 2014, videos for the winter theme which contain a logo created by the amateurs specifically for this promotion, will be displayed on a separate dedicated page. We have provided related GIF/JPG-winterbanner marketing material here and are hoping for large participation.

    Winterspecial ad material »

    It's high time: Disable all Red-Tube marketing material!


    We would like to remind everyone of our letter from January. From the 25th of April, the trademark REDTUBE respectively Red-Tube may not be used any more. We are therefore kindly asking you to check your websites very carefully. Remove any links that still point to any of our Red-Tube domains. Also make sure to remove all references or texts containing the terms Red and Tube and replace them with marketing material and links pointing to

    We will be completely shutting off our Red-Tube domains in a couple weeks. The users have been informed about this. The transactions of the existing users will be credited to you as before. Via you can see the sales and current statements. You won't get any marketing material for Amarotic there. Marketing material for Amarotic as well as a new valid Webmaster ID is available when registering on

    So remember: Avoid hassle, implement Amarotic, continue to profit!

    Thanks to all the Webmasters for all their efforts so far!



    Once again the Venus was the meeting place for the adult industry this year. Sobering say some, very successful say others. Venus as a business-place is controversial. Without controversy however, is the presence of plenty of amateurs from all nationalities and walks of life. This of course means that visitors are getting their money's worth, and we're happy as well: After all, plenty of stars and starlets are bustling about in our Cashalizer lounge in the Adagio - great atmosphere inclusive!

    We're certainly looking forward to next year!

    Landingpages with classifieds


    Landingpages with classifieds Our advertising material "Landingpage" sells like hotcakes! To expand the range of advertising products for you we added the option to show private amateur classified ads. As usual you can still choose colors and link-types.

    Good luck with our new user-generated content.

    Try new ad material now »

    New Banner


    New banners "Oldies but goldies" - upholding to the motto we've added a few new banners in the 140 x 220 format. Amongst others also with the tags "live dating", "sex dates" and "amateur dates" which are particularly useful for the new category "Classified Ads". Of course we didn't forget about the livechats and amateur clips. Try new ad material now »

    Messenger now with classifieds


    Messenger now with classifiedsYou've probably already noticed, that we've expanded our content on Amarotic.In addition to clips, live-chats and blogs, we now have classified ads from private amateurs.The initial results are very good and so we have decided to present the first Cashalizer advertising material containing classifieds content. In the messenger you can select classified ads, which will also display a excerpt of the text in addition the image.

    Try out the advertising material now »

    New payment methods: iDEAL & giropay


    New payment methods: iDEAL
    New payment methods: giropay Customers can now pay even quicker and simpler on our sites! Since last week, i-DEAL is available for dutch customers and giropay for german customers.

    Perhaps this is a good opportunity to send „new“ traffic?

    Time is money


    This is a very fitting motto for our next improvement. In order to create new advertising material for your marketing campaigns even faster, you now have the option to switch to a different campaign in the top right. This means you no longer need to go back to the campaign management and search for the advertising material. Instead, you can simply switch from one campaign to another via the selection menu and quickly select the advertising material and generate a code. This saves time and thereby money.

    Take a look now »

    Landingpages with video feature


    Landingpages with video feature

    Since this advertising material has been quite popular and successful, we have decided to add a video function. There is now a video preview option with the amateur and clip lists. When a user clicks on an image, a trailer or a preview clip will be shown, instead of the usual registration form. When the user clicks a second time, or if the clip ends, the registration form will be displayed.

    If amateur or video profile was chosen as the content, then the video function will be automatically integrated. Provided that there is an existing trailer for this clip, or a preview clip for the selected amateur.

    Try out the advertising material now »


    Due to popular request, we now offer links to sub pages (amateur profile, blogs, video page) in our advertisement tools. Your webmaster and campaing ID will already be integrated. Depending on the link, only the Amateur-ID, Video-ID, or similar needs to be added.

    Click here »


    Various content will be displayed within the messenger. You can choose between livechat, videos, or pictures.
    The user only needs to enter their e-mail address. As soon as the verifies their e-mail address, they are logged in. Login name and password will be generated by the system. The user can change the password at any time. This registration process provides the fastest means to get the user into the system.


    Teaserchat In order to increase the conversion, users who aren't logged in are given the option to chat with an amateur.The user can take advantage of this option or irgnore it. If the user accepts the chat, they will be able to chat with an amateur via webcam for two minutes.



    Due to a technical fault from our provider, we have been forced to change our IP. This also affects webmasters that have implemented us directly through DNS.
    The old IP is no longer valid. We kindly ask all webmasters, which use us in their DNS, to delete the old entry and instead create a CNAME entry which points to "".

    A CNAME is an alias. Basically, rather than be forced to update the IP whenever there's a change on our end, you simply set it to "" and that will point to our current IP. If we change the IP address for on our end, then the change should be automatically affect all CNAME entries on your end.

    Here is an example of what a CNAME entry looks like in a typical DNS listing: CNAME
    If you have any further questions, please contact our support.

    New landingpages


    Quick reminder of our 100% promotion, which is still valid until the end of this month. Anyone who missed this unbelievable promotion, should promptly awaken from their winter hibernation and participate. A full 100% on every initial transaction! Thats pretty much as good as it gets.

    In order to help increase your profits, we have made a new marketing scheme available. Under Landingpages, you can now create entire sites for marketing purposes. With our new system you can choose between original or synonym texts. This is especially interesting for search engine optimization (SEO), since it allows you to generate unique content just for you.

    Amarotic - 100% on every initial purchase


    For the start of 2013, Amarotic has come up with a special spring promotion. A new campaign is starting immediately at You will receive a whopping 100% of every initial purchase a user makes, as soon as payment has been processed!

    This promotion will run until 30.04.2013.

    Changes to Menu and new Statistics tool


    We would like to thank all web masters for their positive and constructive feedback. We wish to continually improve our service and thereby also wish to inform you about two new changes.
    A couple of days ago, we've gone live with a new menu which integrates better into the Cashalizer-design. More interesting however, is the new statistics tool. In comparison to the previous / old statistics the clarity has been improved to make it less confusing and generally easier to interpret. The old statistics will still be available for while. Eventually, the old statistics will be switched off.

    Cashalizer is launching


    Cashalizer is launching and is exclusively offering it's first big platform "Amarotic".
    Amarotic is one of the biggest amateur communities in the ever expanding business of on-line erotica.
    Registered users can purchase amateur's videos directly and read their private blogs. But users can also directly interact with amateurs via live-chat, phone-chat or email.
    Due to the plentiful and varied submissions of Amarotic's amateurs, registered users spend an ever increasing amount of time staying on the website, which in turn means excellent first-billing and re-billing quotas.

    Amarotic currently has around 4000 verified real amateurs and around 150,000 manually verified and inspected videos.

    Webmasters receive 30% of all revenue, as soon as a user makes a payment. The revenue is generated through purchased videos, chats, phone-chats, tips, and email correspondence. The payout always takes place at the end of the month.

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