Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference guide explain how to create advertising media of our products for your special purpose.

First, before you can choose advertising media, you have to create a campaign. In the left navigation menu choose the "Create" funktion within the "Campaigns" section. On the right, a list of our available products will be displayed. For this tutorial please click at "Create campaign" within our Amarotic product. A textfield will appear and you can enter any name, but it is wise to choose a meaningful one. For example,if you might to place advertising on your page, we recommend to use "" as campaign name. Click on "Create campaign" next to the textfield to go on.
There is no limitation of campaigns for one product. If you have a another page, for example and create an own campaign for that page, you will be able to see which page generates more revenue later in the statistics .

At Amarotic you can decide whether you like to use an age-verification-system (AVS), or not. Preset is the "standard hardcore version". In this setting all advertising materials will link to a Amarotic without AVS and with pee and scat.

If you want to include AVS, first you have to deselect "standard hardcore version". Now you can choose the AVS options for your campaign and click on "next".

Your campaign is now created and you will see the administration page (if you are not sure whether you are on the administration page or not, click the "Administrate" funktion in the "Campaigns" section ).

Whithin the administration page click on "Advertising materials" of your campaign to reach our banners, rss-feeds and content-materials for this campaign.

The single advertising materials we explain here

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