Amarotic: New Ref.Link + VideoSaleAction October/November 2021

Create your own ReferrerLink DIRECT to the SalesPromotion of our amateurs.
The best target you will have today ;-)
19.10.2021 from 10-23 p.m: VideoSaleDay with Gangbangbine
21.10.2021 from 10-23 p.m: SpecialVideos on Sale - Please advertise the homepage
22.10.-25.10.2021:CoinAction - Please advertise the homepage
26.10.2021 from 10-23 p.m: VideoSaleDay with Andy-Star
27.10.2021 from 10-23 p.m: SpecialVideos on Sale - Please advertise the homepage
29.10.-01.11.2021: SpecialHALLOWEEN-CoinWeekend - Please advertise the homepage
02.11.2021 from 10-23 p.m: VideoSaleDay with SweetSusiNRW
03.11.2021 from 10-23 p.m: VideoSaleDay with RosellaExtrem
04.11.2021 from 10-23 p.m: VideoSaleDay with Amelie-Lei
05.11.-08.11.21: CoinWeekend - Please advertise the homepage
09.11.2021 from 10-23 p.m: VideoSaleDay with Fickstange1979
11.11.2021 from 10-23 p.m: VideoSaleDay with MelissaDeluxe
12.11.-15.11.21: CoinWeekend - Please advertise the homepage
17.11.2021 from 10-23 p.m: VideoSaleDay with KimberlyCaprice
18.11.2021 from 10-23 p.m: NICHE-VideoSaleDay - Please advertise the homepage
19.11.-22.11.21: CoinWeekend - Please advertise the homepage
24.11.2021 from 10-23 p.m: VideoSaleDay with TittenMonsterCindy
Further events will follow shortly

We built a new landing page for



For our new site "" you will find an new landinpage. Look for pops&pages. Feedback from some of our webmasters: "It converts Top, Top, Top!"

New niche portal

Dear webmasters,

We wanted to inform you that we have developped a new, very good converting niche portal At the time of the pandemic in particular, we must have hit the bull's eye.

We have a rate of 15% from conversation rates dois into the sales. That’s amazing.

Users can chat online with dominatrixes.They have to obey their commands and document them with photos.

It works very well.

Due to a high personal dependency that develops over time, there is good sales! The product is very well developed for mobile, but also for desktop. Simply add it to your home screen and push messages can be received on your mobile phone. can be used very well in the DACH area. Thanks to a good translation tool, it can also be advertised internationally.

The distribution amounts to 30% of the turnover directly upon payment. For referred webmasters there is a subwebmaster commission of 15% on top

High conversion through push messages and email notifications for received messages on the mobile phone

High conversion rates through constant advertising and discount campaigns

Great for web and mobile traffic as it is a responsive optimized product

We wish you every success with your application

Your team from Cashalizer

Promotion Black weekend for Lovegrounds

Attention please!

Lovegrounds Black weekend promotion action
From 23.11.2018 0 clock to 26.11.2018 12 clock there are between 20% and 50% extra coins for charging to write messages and exchange images for the end user. Here many first customers are advertised. get started now

Very important information for all Webmasters from Cashalizer

Dear webmasters,

we noticed, that many pages of you still run on http instead of https. This has disadvantages for your traffic (Google Ranks) and because your pages are not displayed as "safe". This also gives you sales losses. We would like to ask you to change your pages to https. If you do not know how to do it or where to do it, here is a link that will help you.

Thank you for your effort. For further questions, please contact us.

Your Cashalizer team

Our new erotic chat portal Lovegrounds is online



Lovegrounds can be advertised in german speaking countries like Germany Austria and Switzerland. Writing messages In Lovegrounds is paid by coins. All common payment methods are integrated. Since Lovegrounds is programmed as a progressive web app (PWA), communication with the user is permanent. Messages can be send via push (android) and email, the user is permanently informed about incoming messages. Sharing Webmasters: 30% plus 15% Sub Webmaster comission for referred Webmasters !!

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